The Mess You Left Behind

The mess you left behind

A weeping mother

A newborn baby

A mother with no one to help her

A child without a father to love her

The mother soon became depressed

The child soon grew to be a teenager

The mother married again

The teenager shut everyone out

The mother got divorced

The teenager stoped trusting

The mother had two children now

The teenager tried as hard as she could to be okay

The mother soon was married a second time

The teenager tried to love the new man in her life

The mother now had three children

The teenager didn't know what to do

She tried to be normal

She tried so hard

She tried to trust people

But she couldn't

She soon figured out that

Maybe life would be easier if her father had stayed

If her father hadn't abused drugs

If her father had loved her

If, maybe 

She was just a little more trusting

She soon opened up a little more

And bit by bit

She was cleaning up

The mess you left behind

This poem is about: 
My family


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