Wed, 06/04/2014 - 18:38 -- johernz


You’re so mesmerizing; you’re the definition of desire.

My heart throbs at the sight of you.

You’re layered with sensitivity and covered in morality, which defines you.

No, you cannot just be beautiful for that is a term so overheard.

You’re more than that; you’re the other side of the moon, which makes its rare appearance.

You’re the Persian night sky that gleams with light and lays mace with blossom fields of flower.

I hallow at the thought that perhaps it’s a Shepard course where I’m heading.

A fool would only define you as one thing, but I calculate so much more.

It’s the life I want, the dream I’ve been dreaming.

You’re the aurora in the air and worth more than you know.

Again, you’re not just some beauty or me the beast.

I’m just a friend, but so eager to feast.

Feast on the tides that bring me towards you.

Perhaps someday, I may be your groom.

How mesmerizing. 


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