Mermaids of the Sea

The mystical creatures of the deep blue,
I sing a chores out to you.
For the sirens that sing within in the waters,
To the beauty of you're majestic ways, living amongst the sea otters.

You're legendary, leaving your story behind,
About how you work with in our minds.
And You're a majestic being, all tales do say
For the way you became, we still do not know to this day.
You're as devine as a colorful sea shell,
Swiming through that dark blue hell.
A beautiful creature, half human and half fish,
With a lot of great powers from beyond the abyss.

Sea men journey from far and wide,
To find themselves a sea wife bride.
But to there surprise you are always hidden
Like in the Odyssey, very much forbidden.

Altough you're being is hard to explain.
There's one thing I've got to ask,
Dear creature of the deep blue ocean,
What are your emotions?

Do you feel lonely alone in the deep blue sea?
Hearing ship men cry out with a plea,
Hoping for the moment to be set free
Lost with in the waves of the sea.

Or are you happy? Swiming through the deep blue.
No cares in the world. Is this quite true?
For the freedom to swim in the underneath,
To a bid in heavens coral rief 

For amongst the fish and sharks,
This beautiful mermaid will embark.
To set foot on her journey,
To live amongst the undergrowth of the ferney.


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