Mercy and Resolve

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 18:46 -- nlekan

Dear God,

Your truth is all consuming,

And your salvation greater still,

Than any human effort,

And all of human will.


I care, though, kindly to ask,

How you our sole creator,

Could forgive our great rebellion,

And love us even greater.


For we were not kind to you,

Our sole and soul's beginning

And through our trials and travails,

Our resolve kept on thinning.


So how, O Lord, did you conjure,

From your noblest of hearts,

The mercy to forgive us,

And your display of saving arts.


For we, your dear creation,

Gave no deserving breath,

And yet you determined in your grace,

To spare us from all death.


It will always amaze me, Lord,

Your grace and your resolve,

For clearly our vast problems,

Our people may never solve.


-Your Humble Child

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Our world


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