Sometimes the world is too much for me

Far too often, as of late

No one thing is too heavy on its own

Rather I bow beneath the collective weight

Of all the world is

Of all it does


Realities shouting out too bright and loud

As if in compensation

For all the realities that are too dark

And far, far too silent

The whole is not dark, nor is the whole light

It is merely my sudden realization of

The existence of the whole

That weighs and wears on me


I know this is just a temporary state

I know the future will be a beautiful thing

That even with its countless flaws, this present is beautiful too

I know that I am stronger than I allow myself to be

And I like to think that listing what I know can help me

To manage what I do not know


But sometimes

Sometimes I wish

The flashy, raucous, beautiful world

Would, if only once,

If only for a single moment

Have mercy on one heavy head

And let me take a breath

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