Romeoville, Illinois
United States

I like how we grow up mentally when we grow up physically

Like when you're young and make sure your poems rhyme, even if they don't make sensically

But then we decide to jump out of our immature shell, which was once ok

Yet would now would be looked upon as wrong at this age

And you decide to be free


Free from the system, like how you choose not to follow a scheme of rhymes

You choose to express yourself freely, on paper and through clothing and opinion

It doesn't need to match, or rhyme, just needs to be you

And if it also happens to be the others, then that's what you should do


It's cliched, yet you need to be you, and you choose what you do to show that

Take me, I wear sports clothes all the time, which some people find lame, yet I don't

And sometimes I change my scheme, and I can be unpredictable like a cat

Like from AABB to ABAB, to whatever I choose next, it's unknown


Happiness can be changed very easily, but one way to make yourself truly happy is to accept you

And if others don't or won't then that's okay

Because you shouldn't change for anyone else, as friends will eventually leave

Just like the need for you to rhyme


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