Mental Warfare

It all began with a small love that turned into a large one.

He knew how to take care of her and her medical issues.

He knew how to treat her right. He acted like a total gentleman.

She was in love. She cared so deeply for him she never wanted to let him go.

Her parents told her she couldn't date. They didn't want her ending up like her older sister: marriend at 18 and with child at 21.

But she cared for him so much that she couldn't become "just friends" with him.

So, they had to see each other in secret. 

Her parents caught them once and she was banned from seeing him.

Mentally, she crumbled. He was the one who helped her through her eating disorder and through her bad thoughts.

Emotionally, she was broken. He gave her  the happiness that she had needed.

She left for college with a promise to her and to him that they wouldn't be broken up.

Her parents then lied to her and framed her boyfriend for something they did.

She wanted to believe them, she did. But she couldn't let her self believe that he would hurt her like that.

And so, the mental warfare continued. It rocked her mentally and emotionally. 

She was in warfare.. A warfare that attacked her. And there was nothing she could do.

She could only sit and watch, helpless. 

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