Mental-Spiritual Revelations

Wed, 04/02/2014 - 18:03 -- TayQuig

It’s something that runs deep

Connects our commonalities

Deeper than you, and me

Centered awareness in everything


I am greater than no one

For I am with everyone

You walk around confident

As if you are in control

All the while feeding a hole

That is your place to rest

Alas, I digress

I cover the atlas

Seeking to invest

In what it means to be Human.


While you’re of this world,

And of these things,

My access to you

Your access to me

Is the door to divinity

The most extravagant thing

Is to be at peace,

Feel the serene

Resting awareness

That surrounds

Your thoughts

Your feelings

And washes clean

The darkness that clings

Misunderstanding the light.


Use to find myself writing a rhyme that tells

I’m cursed with a brain that can think.

Little did I understand the words that I spoke

Speak life that evokes

A force so strong it erodes

The music I compose

Relationships I hold

My ability to flow

And take hold of the moment


Suddenly I’m chosen

As I hold in those thoughts

Take a hammer and pick

And shape the rock

That I thought

Weighed me down to the bottom

Suddenly the thought,
“Blessed with a mind that is aware.”
Holds my composure

And strengthens my dare

To make a Moser into my pair

Become a composer

With a mind-set-to share

Music that inspires

Mental spires to the pinnacle

Paramount of Rainier

With awareness, we are clear.

That is our fundamental, civil, human right.

To obtain, retain, a conscious mind.

Question everything, and one will find God.

And I don’t mean the oppressive maniac

That has long white hair.
I mean the God who is loving, compassionate,

And understanding. The God who pushes you

To be the best person you can be so that

Humanity will thrive. Be courageous,

Keep an open mind, and live your life.


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