mental poison

I am greater then anyone else.

I don't need anyone else 

wow I am so proud of all I do

look at me a mIllIonaIre

look at me an actor on your favorIte show

I am perfect..

but why am I not the one thIng I want to be

why I am I not happy..

I have the money, I have the women

what Is missing In my perfect life?

why do I see these scrubs so happy?

then I met hIm..

this man who was happy and overjoyed and loving

It dIdn't matter who anyone was he loved them all

but he's not me he's not rIch he's not perfect but...

he spoke to me and saId that In the end the money 

the fame

the women 

and the mental poIson I had won't matter...

I was so confused MENTAL POISON?! 

"what Is thIs lIe you're speakIng?"

he answered...


waIt what?

he told me be humble It doesn't matter who you are you aren't worth more then anyone else

theIr lIves matter as much as your's and people who fInd thIs truth

you wIll see them so happy because they know they are worth lIfe! and they have 

the most amazIng thIng "mental FREEDOM!" 

then he blessed me by gIvIng me the truth and I fInally understood that mental freedom

and thInkIng for yourself what Is rIght and not what socIety brIngs up as a normal thIng

Is the greatest freedom 

and theIrs a handbook on what Is rIght and It makes ore sense then most people would 

belIeve Its called the bIble and once you read some proverbs or the gospel or any of It you

wIll realIze how great It Is to have that mental freedom! thank God I have found It.






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