Mental Illness Love

Maybe I should have known,
known that my heart would shatter to a million pieces,
tear out my heart to just expose it in front of me,
call me a liar,
call me whatever you want to make yourself
feel better,
when i spoke the 3 words,
I love you i meant it,
I didn't expect to get a huge whirlwind of snow flakes,
snow balls getting thrown at me,
shooting me in the heart one at a time,
take your time,
as I quote from my favorite band,
you could slit my throat and with my one last
gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt,
so tell me now,
what have I done,
condemn me now I if I deserve it,
but if I don't,
don't hang us,
dont cross us off,
when I actually started to open up to you,
like you,
love you,
get addicted to you,
but I shouldn't have,
shouldn't have believed what you told me,
because in the end,
your mind is your master,
your own prison,

your own misery



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