My heart beats seventy-eight times per minute,

But when I met you it fell to zero.


For I remember the day you told me that you loved me,

The days you would hold me dearly

Or the day I could feel your soft kisses graze my cheek.


The same way the sun kisses the Earth as it rises,

Kissing the face of the Earth to bless the people with the gift of life.

The same way that the moon kisses the sun goodbye as it fades to night.


I remember the way I could look into your eyes and hear you say that you loved me,

How I could feel your warm embrace that made my day so much better

Because in the night I think about how much I miss you,

The same way that the sun misses the face of the Earth that it kisses each morning.


Now all I do when the sun says goodbye and the moon greets the world,

I sit on my bed in the dark staring out the window,

Listening to the Moonlight Sonata and staring at the moon hoping to draw some connection.


And I sit,

Waiting for the warm rays of the sun to appear over the horizon

To softy kiss my cheek through the tinted window,

Listening to the Moonlight Sonata serenade the night away.



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