I think we f o r g e t.

We forget to face the reality of living

Because we don't want to remember that there is death,






I think we forget to remember

that with everything that is forgotten

it is not solved.

We hinder the development for an answer,

Wash away the chance for reconciliation.

I think we forget

that there are things that should not be forgotten.

Emotions which must be preserved,

names who cry to be captured,

and atrocities that must not prevail.

I think we forgot…

what should not be forgotten…

and remember that which refuses to break

along with this broken perception.

We distract our eyes from the reality of everything

because we don't want to remember

the lives who continue to suffer,

only to be forgotten.

And they will be left, we will be left,

Everyone will finally be left,

with a world

that only r e m e m b e r s

how to forget.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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