What's the reason for all this madness
All these pensive thoughts
And there's no reason for this sadness
I feel as if the world is turning in my thoughts and my brain is the axis
All this aggravation trying to find the light but I'm blinded by the tears while I'm laying on the mattress
Just a realm of confusion
Tired of staring at this blank canvas
But all the attention is amusing
Feel like the depression over the years had a big part in this
I want to find the guy who once said the world was a bliss
Then I wanna show him all the struggle that he missed
But lemme not forget all the times I would reminisce
Raise your hand if you used to call Mary Jane the miss
But to be honest I'm trying to find the good in all of this
God can you come and bring me the light
When I chase after my goals father would I use every bit of my might
Or would the melancholy visions distract me with a little hint of the spite
I can do anything through him who give me strength
But felt a little weak when I had to think about why im so sad that day on February the 10th
This melancholy vibe is feeling a little too tense
I'm tired of following this path to lead me to the reason for this sorrow....
But I'm running towards nothing
My heart told me he would reveal the answer but over the years I could tell he was bluffing
My eyes started turning red from the tears. It looked as if my eyes started blushing
Trying to proceed through this path of stress in the world . But There's no rushing
We have too much to learn and so many paths to walk before my feelings start aching and my heart starts bugging
Over the years the Melancholy notion goes away though. Finally!!
But its not over . You start to realize there was no reason for you to be that sad
All this time I was mad at the world and dissed all these opportunities that I had
Now I can realize why I was so mad
I was blinded
By the vision of seeing society in a bad way
I guess I exaggerated when I felt degraded when they didnt hear what I say
But at the end you have to regain some clarity of mental health
Block out those dark figures coming up behind ya like a form of stealth
But sometimes you have to cancel out those roaming sad thoughts
And think about the result in the future
Who here was asked once What do you want to be in life
And was tired of saying nothing
My main goal in life is to walk through my negative state of mind and proceed to be something


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