Meeting in the Meadow

Look, beyond, a girl awaits,
Walking through a sea of grass.
She twirls and sings within the green,
Her voice so clear as crystal glass.
Her hands, so gentle as a dove,
Around she fingers reaching stems.
And still her hands as strong as oxen,
As hard as many diamond gems.
Her feet are weary, they’ve traveled far,
Leading a path of healing lights.
For guided by her heart of gold,
She walks the path of soaring heights.
But every night, she journeys here,
Just as light is fading.
The evening breeze still blows about,
As she breathes it in, waiting.
And lo, look there, a man appears,
Beckons, loves, his eyes behold.
And every step is filled with need,
His arms ready to embrace and fold.
All goes silent, almost dead,
Just as the two, they meet.
The beings collide in perfect love,
Exploding colors, lights so sweet.
Their hearts connect, rooting, grow,
Their fingers in a healing hold.
Their eyes, they lock in beauty, love,
Their arms in an endless, loving fold.
This man is her very own Prince Charming,
Her friend and closest brother.
A knight in pure and shining light,
And her first and only perfect lover.
He is very ready to meet her,
Wherever is her special heart.
So he joins her on her soil,
So they never need to be apart.
So look, and see within the meadow,
Inside a child runs.
To be held by her best friend and lover,
As they burn brighter than a thousand suns.

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This is a poem, about my friend, lover, but most important the man who changed and saved my life. Thank you

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