When I was growing up, I was told to always fight for what I believe in. Whether it's for the greater good or for sin. But when I entered school, I was told to think differently. To just be a good person and not to express myself publicly. Whether what's right is wrong or what's wrong is right, I will always choose to fight. You know, I am sick and tired of witnessing subtle racism amongst the media and in our community because I foolishly thought that we were all equal human beings. How is this acceptable? I will not remain silent so you can remain comfortable. You see, the media want us to stay silent and not make a sound so they can tell us stereotypes like, "Lonyai, you're not really black because your dad is still around," Then they try to twist it up and make us self-loath so we try everything in the book not to resemble our race. We start bleaching our skin and straightening our hair so it won't fall out of place because we were told that straight hair was "in". We live in a world filled with double standards that are hidden behind "polite" comments and good manners. When we see a sista with long hair it's automatically thought to be a weave and that if it's really hers then she must be mixed with black and white and everything in between. We even went as far as to separate ourselves from each other, darkskins and lightskins. Uh, I am back, that's all I've ever been. People perpetuated the thought that black was ugly to the extent that African-Americans internalized this view. So now there's two blacks and I'm completely different from you, you, and you. We have turned the word "Nigger" into "Nigga" and get offended when someone outside of our race says it but yet we're told to believe it's not an obscenity? Please. Ya'll kill me with that, and I'll tell you many people here agree with that. Open your eyes, please take a look, educate yourselves and open up a book for once. Racism is not dead and I have no patience because it's been alive for centuries yet we still call America the best country. Yes, I agree, most of us are humble and open minded and help each other. But name the country that was built on the genocide of one race and the enslavement of another. And even through all of this, we still find those who fight with a raised fist. Those who fought for our rights in the Civil Rights Movement to give us this gift of equality, and freedom. So here's a tip: Always fight for what you believe in. I cannot stress this enough because who's to tell you you can't be strong when times are tough?

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