Fear is being an advisory member of Art Honors Society.

Fera is getting an A on a play-writing assignment, then having to perform it.

Fear is being accepted to a student leadership program in D.C.

Fear is needing to run a charity bake sale for your class.

Fear is being manager of a wrestling team.

That’s what fear is to me.


Gratitude is what makes me take the job.

Pride is what makes me able to stand in front of the class.

Excitement is what gets me to D.C.

Responsibility is what makes me take charge.

Leadership is what makes me good at my role.

That’s what bravery means to me.


Having pride.

Being grateful.

Handling yourself away from home.

Wanting to do it again and again.

Facing your fear,

No matter what that might be,

That’s what progress --

What growing up --

Means to me.


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