The Me I Can't Be


My hair is too curly

So I straighten it

The light washes me out

So I dim it


I put on my  makeup

And strike my pose

Bet you'll never see the real me

Under these fake clothes


I'd rather be in sweatpants

Not in boots or heels

But society doesn't

Want us to act on how we feel


They say wear this

You'll look amazing

How easily we buy it

Is really quite fazing


So I wear all my clothes

Far too tight

Because after all

They aren't suposed to fit RIGHT


If I don't wear makeup

I'm asked if I'm sick

No one will ever know

What TRUELY makes me tick


Instead of being comfortable

I wear skin not my own

Even with the popular crowd

I still feel so alone


Wthout all my fliters

My makeup and tricks

I look quite normal

With pale face and hair thick


My blue eyes don't pop

My smile doesn't shine

Without all the makeup

It's hard to feel fine


After all I'm pretty funny

My grades are not bad

But leaving my house without nakeup?

Why, that idea is just mad


When I'm alone

I don't brush my hair

I throw it up in a ponytail

And just let it hang there


My face is pale

My eyelids are plain

But you'll never see

This anyother way


So the way I look online

Yea, that's a scam.

You'll never find the real me

In a post on Instagram.

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Our world
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