Me and Many Others


I am seventeen years of age
with my whole life ahead of me.
I know of hardship and heartache
but more importantly I know of warm smiles and bright laughs.
Sunshine and rain flourish within me
and it is these two driving factors that make me feel alive.


It’s not easy to know the purpose of this world
especially while we are still growing, learning, and living.
But I sure hope to come close.
Hiking, swimming, biking, ice-skating, and camping
are some of the many activities I enjoy to partake in.
Bike rides may not earn me a college scholarship,
but they teach me more about life than any classroom ever could.
Love, honesty, friendship, and laughter are what it’s all really about.
It’s what I’m really all about.
Life was designed to be more than just earning value in paper.
It was meant for us to explore, help, and come in contact with our true potential.
So, that is what I aim to achieve.
I write not as a student or a woman,
but as an individual who hopes to someday witness the transformation of a better world.


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