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I choose to be me
In a world where others disguise who they truly are
Living a facade to hide any imperfections or scars
Pressured to live their life just like everyone else
Choosing to be "normal" instead of being themselves

I choose to be me
Even when people say that I'm weird and crazy
And when they call me insane it doesn't even faze me
In fact, for me, that's a compliment
It shows that I am actually sticking to my commitment
To be me

Why should I change if I'm already perfectly imperfect?
God fearfully and wonderfully made all of me
So I don't want to change any aspect
Of myself
I was made by the Ultimate Creator
I am His precious handiwork
I am invaluable no price can be put to my worth

Do you now see why I choose to be me?
There's so much I have to offer this place
Now wouldn't it be a shame and disgrace
If I decided to be exactly like someone else
Be it Mary, Susan, or Joe
And the world would never know what I could do
Because I'd be living in someone else's shadow

So, I choose to be me
I choose to be weird and choose to be unique
Who cares if I'm a total bookworm or even a bit dorky?
If that's what it means to be me
Then I embrace it, accept it, and love it
With all my heart
Because in a world filled with copy cats
I am an original work of art

I have chosen to be totally and completely me

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