Nothing is perfect, I know that too well, but I cut it close

Life sucks, the future is scary, the past seems like it’s leaving you fast, but not fast enough

All you can do is be


And I am


Here’s how you can be too!


Step One: Smile

Look at your messy hair in the mirror

Before the horrors and the hordes outside ready to tear you a new one

Try to fix the mess

Turn around and get ready for war

Don’t let them see you sweat; sweat is for the weak and the smelly

To be Awesome neither is desired


Step 2: Be your own best friend

Because life’s a battle and you have to be your best general

Have your lieutenants waiting in the wings ready to kill

But know you are your own best necessity and that you are awesome

Because knowing that is your best weapon


Step 3: Self-Confidence

That gleaming self-confidence

That you have had to treat like a diamond

Because this idea has been festering under pressure for years

Being squeezed to radiance through those treacherous times of

Bad acne, stupid comments, and fear

And now that gleaming, beautiful rock is here

This concept

This idea

This religion

“I am awesome”

So you walk out that door knowing these three steps

Look at all of those who would tell you otherwise

Not to Smile; cause you’re ugly

“You’re terrible how can you even love yourself!?”

“Where did your self-confidence come from?”

You know what you do?

You smile through it all

You smile

Because you know you are Awesome

Because you smiled when you shouldn’t have

Because you are your best general in this stupid war called life

Because your self-confidence shines bright like a jewel from a king’s tomb

And no one can tell you otherwise


I’ve learned these steps the hard way, not by reading about them, but discovering them

To reach the point of knowing I am Awesome

I’ve spent most of my life searching for where I am

 A place where I know I am Awesome

So I will wear it on my sleeve

You don’t buy a Gucci bag to wear in the house hun

When you feel this confidence and you feel that pride

You won’t be alone

You’ll find the others of your flock

You’ll find the family you weren’t born into but the one you were meant for


I did I smiled in that mirror, I became my best general, I formed that diamond

So I believe

I am awesome

Scratch that, I know I am

Through a brain chemistry that would tell me otherwise then send me on a high telling me I’m the best thing ever

Through the fear of other’s view of my sexuality

Through the thought of me not being good enough

Through the idea that I will be alone forever

That I am not who I should be

That I am not the kind of person to be Awesome

I realized

Figured out






I am Awesome


My awesomeness is built off that

That my brain chemistry doesn’t need to dictate my view of myself constantly

That my sexuality isn’t going to be hindered by anyone’s opinion

That I am good enough

That I deserve to be happy

That I am awesome

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