Maybe One Day The World Itself Will Be Beautiful Too

I wouldn't change a thing about the world

Because if it wasn't for the curelness

I wouldn't have been the beautiful woman I am today

I wouldn't say I'm flawless to the eyes that lay on me

When I walk through doors

When I sit down

When I eat

When I drink

It's my duty to not be influenced from the outside world

But influence myself to feel flawless within


Never work to impress them

Work to impress you

Work to set goals

Work to succeed

Work to make yourself happy

Work to make yourself feel flawless

At the end of the day it's you

Not him

Not her

Not them



As I tell myself again and again in the mirror

I may not be the prettiest

I may not be the skinnest

I may not be her

But I'm me

Accepting who you truly are is truly beautiful

Not many can these days

But if you can

That's flawless


I'm flawless

You're flawless

We're flawless

I'm not better than you

Nor are you better than me

It's not a competition

It's respect for one another

Maybe If the world wasn't a competition

It'd be flawless too

But then again the curel world is what made me beautiful

Maybe one day the world itself will be beautiful too









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