Maybe it's Just Me

They say that there’s a certain type of feeling

That defines you

That hurts you

That changes you


Or maybe that’s just me


They would tell me depression

Had physical scars

Scars you could see

I wondered what that pain I felt was

The emptiness


No one knew


Maybe it was just me

Anxiety was not panic attacks

But a feeling you get up on


I often wondered what I was feeling

The suffocating fear in my chest

Embedded in my heart


I figured everyone went through what I was feeling

But as I got older I wondered


Maybe it was just me



No one will understand me

Because maybe this feeling

Isn’t real


They tell you

That you’re in it for the attention

And I think yeah, maybe

It’s just me


All in my head,

I’m just looking for an excuse to escape


And it sends me in a spiral

Wondering who to trust

And I look around


This can’t be just me


There has to be someone,

Anyone, out there

Who knows


Who knows and tells themselves


Maybe it’s just me



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