Not many people are as lucky as I

Not everyone has you

Some express their jealousy, others express their praise

But I just need to thank you


Thank you for the long phone calls

That always conclude my day

Thank you for always asking how I’m feeling

And for never turning away

Thank you spoiling me with desserts

Because you know that’s the way to my heart

Thank you for helping me relax

When you can tell my day was hard


Thank you for holding me close

Every time that we say “good-bye”

Thank you for simply joining me

When I begin to cry

Thank you for motivating me

If I’m beginning to feel defeat

And thank you for loving me

Cause you make my heart skip a beat


Like I said before

I’m very lucky to have you

Someone who is so caring and loving

And you’re never afraid to show it, too


We are undoubtedly meant to be

Everyone always says

And when I look in your eyes for just a moment

I can tell our future is set

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