Master of my own Masterpiece

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 11:22 -- Cadoee


The cape of a superhero, prevented from billowing beneath tight clothes.

A gilded heart tarnished.


A polar bear with fur white as snow, tainted with the blood of a meal

This is the life lived of necessity: to eat to live, only to die.

“She is flawless, a divinity of her parent’s making”

The buzzard sounds, oh how they are wrong.

A mirror is broken; seven years of bad luck

Worth it never to see my face again.

Drowning in the self doubt, frozen with a cold heart.

I’m not cruel, I’m careful.


Hesitantly living, I paint my own portrait,

But I am but a blank canvas underneath.

The paint smears, I begin again

I paint myself as a masterpiece.


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