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Tackle the dreams of a thousand human beings
Gaze upon their souls to serve a meaning
Failure is not an option while tormented
Road blocks are plowed by the strength of senses
Enter the world of greatness and know to pursue
All that’s left is to say “I will do”
Conquer the fears of injustice thoughts and begin to fight
Roll up your sleeves and swing with all your might
Nothing can stop the mind of a powerful thinker
When you feel nothing is right just dig a little deeper
Reach with-in and grab the ambitious mindset
Make deals with thy self and think as though you never have met
Look into the mirror and look beyond the flaws
For they’re always imperfections and you can’t fix them all
Time comes where something’s are not where you plan
But it’s your choice to make it your demand
You are the master of your abilities and never forget that
Succeed and life and remember to never look back
By: Justin Jones


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