They ask, "How can she not read, the message that is clearer

Being everybody else, but the girl in the mirror?"


Well read between the lines

Of her story, and you'll find... 


That he did not rape her physically, but took away her dignity

Told her that he, "loves her", just to take that girl's virginity.


Though he did not rape her body, he still took her inner mind

When he snatched away the hours, minutes, of her precious time.


He took something special, that she thinks she won't get back

Because her heart's now full of pain, so she hides behind a mask

She was once so easy-going, but now has to fake a laugh

You turn kindness inside out?  the end result is always wrath

You ask, "How do I know that?"

Take one  look at the heart, and see the cold facts.




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