We’re all on that rocking boat,

Rockin’ restlessly through high tides,

a conveyor belt that empties the

dreadful soul with no other way.

I can’t see farther ‘cause my vision’s too blurry.


Had a fellow named John,

Hard as a rock, he was everybody’s rock,

Spoke in paragraphs a lot,

and made a living by manipulating his thoughts.

White teeth grin like dentures, but

behind was a skull that whimpered

and left to rot.


Alas, I’m content but find it ugly,

remaining quiet when the stars are out,

for of all life that’s beauty,

I find none but when the sun is out,

because my face can be naked

and like a cat that’s nocturnal

I don’t have to hide.

I am content in this night,

but it was never good enough,

she looked at me with shiny glimpses,

in the day again, I find two solar eclipses,

could not go and hide,

for the light had got me blind,

what’s beauty, we want to destroy

yes, she only wanted me for my mind,

but the fog had got me down, so

what good is a sharp brain without any joy.


To be free is to be alone,

and I am not alone,

these masks, they cover everyone,

opaque, but to me they’re transparent,

I can see through the soul,

she has an empty mind, dirt beneath

her tiny soles,

he had room for one more on his boat,

so why did he have to go,

Don’t let those tears show,

but I know,

numb it with the right chemical,

and move along.

She sits and she purges

more than she binges,

a clown is direly hurting,

not even the sun is convincing,

I could say I am losing,

it looks to me they’re winning,



These masks, though,

they’re more frightening than what

they reveal,

For beneath the crystalline flesh

reveals a sentimental guy,

inside is loud, but outside too shy,

and I sit and wonder why,

and you sit to wait for your face to dry,

only hope is to think that our only

liberty is to be alone,

for god forbid, yes, me too,

I am alone.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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