masked youth

tip your head back

please oh please don't swallow the pill

it’ll be alright; i promise

the world will just stand still

they can't possibly get it

it’s not them but me

where are all the souls?

in this inconsistent haunting

i see the stars, the sky

way beneath the ground

in the deep dark vacuum

there is only one sound

i'm lost, i'm found, i'm lost

i think i’m lost in space

i’m not sure where to hide, or

which one is my real face

grab the key off the chain

unlock every single door

then lock them right back up

i only see what i abhor, but

anything can be made whole

with a fresh coat of paint

take the rope away now

before the muse asphyxiates;

"we’re tired of saving everyone"

"they need to help their sorry selves"

but it’s hard being alone with life

and these cards to us, were dealt

all we do is sit, is wait, is watch

this world that is an endless routine

that we're doomed to always repeat

we’re doomed to always repeat

but i'm yelling, crying, screaming at you

to take a moment, my dear, and come talk to me


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