Masked Beauty

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 13:40 -- yl15

This mask I wear... is one with me

I am fury, passion and chaos.

Hiding behind this curtain,

hiding these silent tears trailing down.


Show me your true self,

staring down into those still depths

waiting, watching foe a subtle ripple.

Is this beauty?


These cracks that splinter the surface

of my refelection?

These scars that we hide in vain?

Drowning our sorrows with a smile...


Take off this beautifuly wicked mask!

Look down into the waters and see...

The true beauty behind the mask.

The scars and pain that disfiguires the soul.


And love yourself for this,

every scar and unshed tear.

Time may heal wounds

but broken bones never mend the same.


You tried to hold yourself together,

these shattered shards slipping through your fingers.

Standing with a handful of ashes and tears,

letting the tidalwave engulf you.


Until you took off this mask

and breathed in pure innocence

beauty is not found in the pure sometimes,

it is the jagged scars and perfect imperfections.


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