Mask of Lies

We all wear a mask

Only taking it off at dusk

When the society can see you in darkness

You pretend you know what is happiness

Ignorant of pain,agony and blasphemy

Hiding the reality

Because the world can't handle who you really are

Your superpowers are too strong for them to bear

So you act like you don't care

Like you dont care when the husband calls his wife a whore

Like you don't care when the mobsters shot the kid 12 blocks away from his home

Like you don't care when the waitress refuses to serve the lady and her family because her colour was not as pale as hers

So you become an actress.


We all wear a mask

But now you want to take it off fast

You have finally learnt that this lie can't last

You are ready

Ready to speak up for the unheard

Ready to act for the disabled

And ready to fight for the trampled over people

Because you know you can't escape the reality of the world.



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