The Mask I hide behind


Pretending is something that comes second nature to me

Everyday Im putting on a million of masks that no one can see, and

that behind is a damaged child full of pain and agony who wishes to be free.

Its the mask that makes me tricky as can be.

Many people say I am smart, I work very hard and their hopes are high for me because they believe my future is very bright. It's my mask that makes me so clever because without it,  I can't look people straight in the eye.

its the mask that helps you believe my lies. I am trapped in my mask lair.

I really want someone to come and save the day and tell me that no matter what happens, they are there to stay. But it is my mask that tells you that I am strong, so you stay away.

Behind this cover is a talented, caring, hopeful, funny, beautiful girl waiting to be discovered. She just got lost inside of her heart and mind and there was no one to save her in time. 

But, if people saw my innocent, gentle, fragile soul, they would see me as weak and have me weeping on the ground is what they would seek. If anyone was able to look through my mask, you would be amazed by what you would find. But no one will know because of this mask I hide behind.

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