The mask

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 08:20 -- mskeels

Pay no attention to the one behind the curtain,

Or so they claim to say.

The one behind the curtain is there every night and every day.

People say that our curtains are our eyes.

Some like to think its hair.

Some even say the curtain isn't there.

But who here has ever pretended? Go on I won't judge.

Who here has ever ascended The ranks of social life with a mask on your face?

I pretend to be confident.

He pretends to be smart.

She pretends that she is happy when in fact she's not.

Pretending is s natural thing, although I wish that wasn't so.

When I was younger I would pretend I was a little princess.

Kind and gentle but tough and fierce I was a force to be reckoned with.

As I grew up I didn't need to pretend as much.

Until I got to middle school

When I started to pretend again as such.

I pretended to be happy

When I talked to the pretty girls

I pretended to like gossiping

And knowing the way my hair curls.

I pretended to be fine when people took from my works.

I pretended not to care when they invited friends to take a look.

I've pretended to be like others for a good chunk of my life.

I've pretended I'm happy and content

Smart and dumb.

Prepared for the world, and not prepared at all.

But the more you keep pretending, the harder it is to get back up when you fall.

We assume the identity of what we pretend, and while it can work,

You won't know if it worked until the end.

Pretending isn't a bad thing.

I will never say that.

Just make sure that when you pretend, you can still look back at you.

Because you are you

This is true.

And the you that you do is perfect for you.


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