Mary Jane's Got Me Going Insane

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 12:14 -- bflyn86


I hate you

You're controlling and absurd

Please don't let me talk

I love you

You love me and I think it's more

Please don't let me talk

I'm waiting for our goodbyes

I degrade myself at night

Please don't let me talk

I'm thinking about my image

I'm thinking about looking good

Please don't let me talk

You make me feel connected

I don't like it, feeling alright

Please don't let me talk

I just want you to know I care

Without me mouthing the words

I just want you to be there

Without me calling from the desert

But please don't let me tell the truth

I might be saying that I'm in love with you

'Cause life is a game

And death is her sister

I don't want to lose

What is left to gain?

Please don't let me talk


I swear I'm crazy

I won't get wrecked up again

I can't do it alongside my friends

Maybe you're one of those

With a little bit of a twist

I know I should be over this

The help from the therapist

But still there's so much more

Lying on the floor

I almost picked it up

I almost threw it at your face

What exactly did I say?

I don't remember much 

I do remember the shivers

I was shaking from your touch

Then why did I back into the corner?

For a second I forgot your names

I don't know if I was just joking

I don't know if I'm okay



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