There just something about her , you know that girl.

Where are you when i need you most , you held my hand as a little girl but oh no that dream doesn't last anymore.

You scorned me when I was wrong , hugged me when I was right.

Now that feeling of security is gone. Im alone 

I look up to the sky wondering whats beyond the clouds and the skies.

the innocence of childs mind comes back to me when i think of you.

where did you go . why did you leave me . what do i do now.

The reality of the world is that your not coming back , but your in my heart and that wont change.

I wonder if you can feel what i feel , just know Mary my love for you is surely real.

It shall never perish no fade . No please dont take my sunshine away.

its over now nothing I can do abut it. I see you when I sleep. I smell you when i breathe. i feel you in the wind.

And mabe one day , maybe i'll see you again



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