Married to Fear

Dear Fear,


        You strike out of nowhere like a snake killing its prey.

Wrapping your tight body around me until I can’t catch my breath.


        Coming from every direction leaving no road left untraveled.

Your presence causes my skin to crawl with ice cold chills. Still standing, no noise, no screams, just you.


        And you forever haunt me like a ghost of my past, present, and future.

Always watching and waiting to make your move at just the right moment.



My whole world flips and somehow you’re always the outcome.


      You have no shape or form, I can’t see you or find you.

Invisible to the eye, yet I realize you’re a part of me.


      We are connected like a marriage, we are glued, except I don’t want to be with you.

I don’t want to feel you, know you or be scared by you.


      But I’m stuck with you.

Till death do us part.

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