Marriage Is A Snake Bite


Encompassed by darkness,
From memories of a shattered life,
Constant hate from a once beloved wife.
Broken promise and cracked dream,
Ripped apart from seam to seam.
Consoled by someone other than I,
To this day not even a glimpse as to why.
Numb from the poison that was your pride,
Quickly spreading every time you lied.
Your venom soon took over my mind,
Controlling every action as if I was blind.
Now your poison has consumed my soul,
What can I do, now that your in full control.
Your poison has paralyzed my thoughts,
Your venom has disrupted all I was taught.
All that is left, is you watching me rot.
The blinders I had called love for Mrs. Right,
Was just a Serpent with a Deadly Snake Bite.


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