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They earn their title from sweat blood and silent tears.
They well never regret being called a United States Marine.
That’s right there marines they are known for their intelligence and survival rates.
There more than just marines they are lovers, fighters, sons and, daughters, friends and, enemies.
Marines are just like civilians except they risk their lives for us every day.
Marines are heart breakers they come in there uniform happy and fine.
They leave mothers with worried souls, fathers with proud and happy soul girlfriend have worried and honored souls.
Marines are the few and the proud and its true it’s just the price they pay that scares us the most.
What if they don’t come back what if they get injured it’s scary to think about but you have to.
All you can do is pray for the best even when you expect the worst.
When your marine comes home just say I love you to them because you don’t know when you will have that chance again.


Marie Wisa Beauge

Your poems are very different. They convey a very realistic emotion and they make one think. I like your writing style.

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