The Map of a Flower

The 2016 obesession over boys is just a memory to me. 

I thought I loved each and every single one of them. 

Realizing after graduation that it was all a bunch of noise you see.

I don't beat myself up over it because I know I wasn't quite a leaf, I was still a stem. 


2017 was much more clearer but I always got upset.

I needed a reason to be mad everyday and say I had "beef."

My 8th grade behaviors have not given up yet. 

But it's okay because I know I wasn't quite a bud, I had just become a leaf. 


My mentality in 2018 was definitely at it's worst. 

My parents were on the brink of divorce and my tears would always flood. 

I felt so much pain in my heart that I thought it was going to burst. 

Luckily everything worked out for the better, and I developed into a bud. 


Who I am today is a blossoming flower with beautiful hues.

The stage I am at in my life is something I never thought would be true. 





This poem is about: 
My family


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