The many places that you feel comfortable to be you


    Sometimes I feel like I just want to be in a place,a place like no other,  a dark and silent place. A place in which I can be myself, a place in which there is no judgment. A place to be me. Sometimes I feel like the place should have happiness and other times it should have sadness; I want a place where I can be happy, I do not have to cry... I can be happy. That sounds like a good place. A place where I can be happy. But who would I be happy with or what will make me happy? Being happy makes me feel good and tends to make others around you feel good as well. But what truly makes you happy? Surrounding yourself by positive attitude, being able to be free, and not be sad. Sad... sad is an emotion and should be another place as well. Sadness is sometimes a good emotion to let out because you sometimes cannot be happy without feeling sadness first. You do not want to be sad all the time, but you should at least know why you tend to be sad. Sadness, sadness. The word already means so much. Sadness comes from the heart and what you truly feel. It comes from your heart hurting and why you cannot explain the hurt. Sadness, yea I've felt such an emotion and after I feel a bit better, you might even say happy. Happiness is great in building the person from where they once were. I like both emotions   , I like both places. The place that is meant for me is the one where I can be me. I can have both emotional places in one and be the person I am which is happy and sad, but not at the same time. These places are about being who you are and what you feel.      

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