manifest with me

within my eyes,

holding all of us together upon a fragile precipice

it looks like this, 57 words so i used a brown crayon to

write your name 57 ways that did not look at all like

        your name.

instead i wrote small, glowing, spirit, your hands, tulips,

growing, comfort, barefeet, coffee, steak and eggs, curly hair,

walking the dogs, arguing, burritos, rollerskating, dairy queen,

smiling, frybread, my pink scarf i let you borrow on our first date,

sunset, waterfront, drinking hot milk peach tea, looking at the moon,

discovering polaris, baking a cake, kissing you on my bed.


those are the new ways ive learned to spell your name.

this helps me remember why i am happy my spirit is here on earth.

when i write about you all i feel is true peace within my bedroom.

the good parts, the bad parts, all of it is worth remembering.

we dont argue anymore. all we do is reflect. like stained glass.



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