Man or Creator?

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 03:49 -- Aya123


So much time has passed 

What were my reasons?

What were my intentions?

For so long I dread my mind...very selective? 

Knowledge used to be such a blessing,

Very much that thought has not stayed 


Oh! such immoral deeds,

I take death by its needs,

Under the knife,

These corps do lie,

 I make life,

From that which passes by...?


Am I god by its own sake?

I created what i lives it breathes

And unfortunatley...destroys

No control...some creator...

From evil I do begot...

A man of no spiritual thought

Looking up high...what goal have I accomplished?


From where my heart I once grew,

Where is the knowlege that I once knew, 

I changed in a way so disturbing,


I know not anymore...


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