The Man I called Daddy

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 14:14 -- JamelaG

She was only but a girl 5 years old no knowledge of the real world laughter so innocent you could wonder where her mind went. She would play and love and laugh and dance and sing and talk to you about anything. But do you know this little girl the sunshine of her mothers world the beauty to the unnatural persons eye. She was lost not you ordinarily I don't know where I'm going but lost only child to her mother of course. single parent home for the moment at least but married her mother was married what is a 5 year old to do with this new person in her life she sees her mother affection to this person and she follows she grows to love this man as her father asking may she call him daddy trying to fill the void that her dad could never up hold trying to avoid any hurt laughing at the pain in side. but what do you know one day of all this love and togetherness. This little girl witnessed something so, so , so well lets just say she'll never want to call another man dad again screams and yells bumps and bangs crash in the living room it not real I don't hear these things, her mothers voice as she calls for her to come here to get her I mean me out the house scream 911 scream 911 I just stood there I started to pick my foot up and move and as my mother laid there on the floor helpless he come to grab me sit me down and tell me don't get anyone she will be fine but my mother is hurt her body is still I smile in hope to make my mommies tears stop coming but nothing I can do. we are stuck in this house and he does nothing to help my mommy being the provider how could why would you we loved you to all of this and you, you. As I speak with revenge coming up in my eye I realize I chose to call this man my daddy a father to me and you or he is of no such thing. and they wonder why kids say YOU AIN'T My Daddy.

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