The Man On The Bench

I was walking to the park

The sign said it was closed after dark, I don't care

The air was cool

It could've been colder


I saw a man sitting on a bench

Taking turns between his beer and cigarette

Is that gonna be me

When I'm older?


We talked for a while, he was thirty-one

He made it pretty clear he was drunk

Said he spent his whole life on drugs

Since he was fourteen

That's pretty young, well

I'm turning eighteen

And I'm just wondering

Is this it?


But what about your childhood dreams 

Challenging how the world seems?

He laughed and he said

"Those are dead"


"I was waiting for when I felt inspired

It's easier to be pitied than admired

Spent so long in the dark

That I burned out my spark

Now the sky is shrouded in black

These bottles help me distract"

He offered me a drink, but I had to decline

A thunderstorm is nigh

But before we say goodbye

I'm just wondering 

Is this it?


Slowly at first the rain came down 

Wishin' there was an umbrella around

But he seemed unphased as he clutched his beer

He leaned in close so I could hear


"Here's some advice I wish I'd listened to

Life is all about powering through

Nothing worthwhile is easy, it's true

That's why life is so hard

And it won't wait for you"


Won't wait for you


Then the storm put out his cigarette

Flooded his bottle 'til there was no beer left

Hard to tell if it was tears in his eyes or just

Rain from the skies


I never saw that man again

But every day I pass by that bench

And I wonder to myself

Is this it?





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