The Man Behind The Glass Mirror

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 16:01 -- mhyder

The man behind the glass mirror

striding with the shadows

the voice behind the tranquil singer

is he deep in care or is he shallow?


He is neither subdued nor self-centered

he isn't careless nor embarrassed

and though an open heart is found at rarest 

he locks his story and allows no one to enter


So why does he wear this mask you ask?

maybe he fears a situation reocurring from the past?

maybe he carries scars from a heartless knife in the back?

and all hope for trust transpired from burning bridges to ash


deep down he is a writer

whose pure soul is captured from a pen

deep down he is a fighter

who looks after his loved ones to protect


He is at mind an over-thinker

and at heart a quiet adherent

he runs away from restraint

and moves like a free-spirit


So look behind the curtain

and you will truly find

beyond the fake smiles and exteriors

what this masquerade hides


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