Man, about his dream

Man woke up with big and scary dream

Holding his head as man think

to the scary dream and decides

"How bad does man want this dream?"

man asked,

wondering what that would look like,

man wasn't ready, man feels

Could man really be the story

teller in man dream?

not as a dreamer, but as the author.


Remembering and realizing man responsibilities

"What does the sacrifice look like

to gain what the

 scary dream has to offer?"

Oh no! man got compromise, mind gone

now lock away for ten months

Facing 32 year to life in prison

on a fabricated story

sitting in a cell confused, angry,

unsure of the scary dream.

"Man should give it all up and try

to enjoy the new life"

 telling manself, foolishness


A dark place found man, find another path,

 incoming raving suggestions

A light shine at man through the cracks,

voice approach,

"what about man three boys?"


The voice still talking, conversation going,

 "this is temporary, man need to write”,

Man, eyes fill with tears,

man agrees, not knowing what

the unknown has coming, but trust

voice again,

"Many challenges ahead, but walk with me,

I got man"

behind those bars feeling the purpose

Thinking of the end goal,

a point to it all, movements in the mind.

Voices again 'think back on that dream,

man wait will soon be over,

trust, obey, man three boys await.

man, mind think of a clear path,

all these inmates, man need to get away


voices shouting,

 "find a corner, put it on paper, man a Leo"

This temporary place doesn’t define man,

 dark, yes!

 but the light found man

Stop thinking of people

that won’t even believe in man,

 the very moments make notes,

 man walks back and forth

talking to self.

voice approaches,

"Some already turned their back on man,

 it's okay, the creator got man”


Man look up, seeing nothing,

mind wondering,

man, still seeing bars

Trust was the feel,

"Could this be a beautiful road ahead,

 could man really put all this behind?”

man ask self,

man, still seeing a dark road,

jail guard looking

 with sad judgement,

"but remember the light have found man,

 pay attention to the cracks"

voice again,

man, now thinking,

"if the light has found man,

why man not seeing the light?"


The light was leading 

wanting man to follow.

Man sleeping after writing

eighty-six thousand words, find

man hearing lot of noise in cell

"what is going on right here? so clouded"

Voice again,

"Tune them out, the only noise

that matters is mine,

man keep mind clear,

 a beautiful path set in front, man need to

wake up, no need for fuss"

man hope of seeing the outside

look like a great,

movements to creating a world

man, three boys can be proud.


Man woke up another day to the same food

 describe to man as refreshment,

 not acceptable to man.

voice again,

"Man should look for greatness,

now the momentum is with man, let’s go to work"


Man walking around looking

lap thirty-five is made in the cell lounge,

 man thinking

 next move need to be man best move.

Voices again,

"What people think of man, is

none of man business, movement"

Failing is not an option for man

about his dream,

avoiding nonsense is priority


The storms was a heavy storm,

Man need to stay firm, important

Voices again,

"It's movement time and man need to hold on,

once man get on this train the

scary part of man dream start,

 no turning back now"


Responsibilities ahead looking at man,

 Rajay, Kamryn and Karter

all look with a big face question,

"seriously dad, what's going on?"

Voice question,

"with all this ahead,

will man be a Leader or a follower,

man will need to choose.

When man set goals, man will achieve greatness,

Man need to lead pack"


After a hundred-jail cell lounge lap of walk,

 thinking man could call

the situation a failure? if nothing was learned

 from experience, man keep motion.

The story didn’t write it self,

voices found man mind and put it to work


Interacting, getting out of man comfort zone,

 fresh air awaits

The "why" was always there,

but the "what" and "who" was in the unknown

The design of man dream

was one to be reckon with,

as man establishes the calculation

Man, Faith does not standalone,

the voice is strong

and give enormous encouragements

Finally, man about his dream

realize that a dream looking

so beautiful must be lived.


Wake up from the nightmare

Man realize it’s not a dream,

jail did happen, a whole ten months for man.

Possibilities for the unknown

to come, man about his dream is ready

face all challenges, in

Man, about his dream.


The End


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