mama went to the moon

when i was born

me n my brother i guess

the whole family would swoon

everyone would poke a prod

but i think my mama went to the moon


when i won my first spelling bee

the whole crowd teetered and yelled from their seats

i feel like a million dollars and more

i didn't know how id spent it, but i know itd be soon

i was so excited to feel on top of the world

but my mama wasnt here, she was on the moon


when i graduated to high school

i felt really proud of myself

and the people around me cheered like i cheered but how i cheered inside

i didnt know when id be able to leave and be the greatest outta my town

maybe i could fly in a couple months, catch a plane at noon

i was packing my bags, as soon as i gotta outa high school

but my mama wasnt there, she had caught a plane to the moon


when i leav e my house 

like dorothy in her hot air balloon

or change my flight like that blond girl in that movie

about the lawyers, reece witherspoon?

yea when i leave and make a difference for myself

i think i could fly to the moon

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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