No Mama.

Nothing is wrong,

I was running, I fell,

I shouldn't have been running.

He told me not to run.


My innocence? It's gone.

He took it from me,

the man with many faces,

with one that made you fall in love.


But you didn't ask why,

and you didn't ask how.

You didn't doubt the perfection

you thought he could bring you.


You couldn't see through him,

through the broken family portrait.

You didn't ask why

and you didn't ask how.


But now I'm asking

the how,

the why,

I'm screaming,

I'm begging you to hear my plea,

I'm crying out "Please save me."

I'm aching, I'm dying,

save me,

come find me,

like a mother would,

but mothers leave,

like they all do,

like you did.

How Mama?

How could you leave me,

but then, how could you stay?

Knowing you would choose him

over me anyway?

Why Mama

Why was this image of perfect perfection

more important than the here,

the now,

the forever,


When Mama?

When were you planning on

telling me the truth?

That "love" has many faces,

just like "Daddy."

Don't Mama.

You said that he loved me,

he said that he loved me,

I thought love may make me beautiful,

But broken bones don't compliment my figure.

Please Mama.

"What did I do? I promise I'll be good,

I won't run from him,

scream at him,

cry in front of him,

oh, please take me back."

But I won't come back,

you missed your chance.

Look at me, Mama

See me for who I am.

I may look like you,

but am nothing like you.

See the woman I've become,

not the girl who said

she could never hate you.

Because who am I kidding, Mama?

You lied, so I did too.

I could hate you,

I do hate you,

and now I'm saying goodbye.

Goodbye Annie. 


I pray we never meet again.

May your wrath of betrayal

never touch another soul.

I'm free.


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