Making The Future


My plans for the future

are in strife 

with my life.

they keep me occupied

during meaningless times,

but when i need to focus

i confess

i delve into my dream ideas

and soar way

to an attainable future not to far away...

but thinking of my ideas

wastes too much time

especially when

that assignment is due at nine.


If only a day wasn't so short

and no longer full of clever retorts

towards me and my cohorts

that share these ideas,

i would spend hours on manifesting ideas

debating technology and how to use them,

how to harness astrosolar energy easier, 

and no longer worry of the turbulence of renentry

into our blue marble awashed in the devoid sea.

Creating citadels, beacons of prosperity,

from marble and granite as Remus and Romulus had

crafting the city Rome with their hands...

dreaming of one day controlling all nearby land.

Transforming tech in more ways than one,

and use it to harness the light of the sun

in ways that have never been begun

or maybe i'd dream of a new home

a new call, a new tomb, 

for humanity to count as habitable...


How the future veers awat from my grasp,

how its effects had broken the clasp!

As time goes on, time turns still

as the future enters the future

and the past becomes history

and my thoughts collect into mere sribbles

my descendants shall behold "this was a man

scholarly and bold in pursuit

of human improvement, a glorious truth" 

i will lay bare, no thoughts left to tell

as those that had listened

left as well......and when i crafted

did they run back to cajole

in the mirth, happiness, and joy of my makings

and run into the brass bolted door...

To the reader that reads this minor tract

of words gurgitated from my mind

stay honest and fair, and wander with the dreamer

when no one shall, for you will find not only a friend, 

a confidante, a compatriot, a friend, 

but a trailblazer as well, where no one had seen

or envisioned what he would have been. 


And when you stumble through your days

where the dreamer exists not,

remember you were there too as well,

when your friend changed humanity,

and freed it from its minor cell

awash in the devoid sea

of complexity.

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