Make a difference

We think that little things cannot change anything

But that is nothing

Compared to the reality

One thing my eyes have seen, is that small things make big changes


I have seen little minds, that make a huge difference

You cannot keep yourself in a little bubble thinking, that something small

Won’t change anything at all

You may agree or disagree with me

But minds that start small, can end up making one huge thing, I am asking you to believe me


When one person works alone, towards something

Progress will get done, in time

But if his ideas are the same as many others

If you put them together, they can have a spark, making something better than most others


If we all realized that a little thing, a dream to change

A hope, for a better place, nothing could stop our range

All I am just saying, if we want change one day

Maybe we should listen to what others have to say


From square one to the final outcome

We will all want to donate some

Of your ideas for a better change

We all want to want up one day, in a world better than the one before, and take a glance

And realize that it all started small, but it did make a difference


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