Make the call

Dam she came through in a see-through toga. I stretched that pussy the fuck out like I was teaching her yoga. You sexy pretty face bitch you thought it was a game. Now put some respect on my name. And take this pleasure mixed wit pain. Yeah I know it's been a hot girls summer. The refreshing scent of a woman is in the air. Why you keep telling me it's in your stomach? Do it look like, I the fuck care. You told me to keep the same energy. So now I'm going to take it there. I told you it's going to take you and 1 of your girlfriend's to make it fair. Whoever did your hair their going to have to do it again. I'm givin you 1 more chance tap out or call a friend. Yeah that's what the fuck I thought. Call the 1 with the phat ass. What's her name Jalisa. Tell her to bring some Backwoods, 4 waters and a large chicken cheese pizza.🙈🙊🙉💋🤣💯

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